Apply properly

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Apply properly

Please use our online form for your application – simply fill it in, upload your documents and send it off (please note that the maximum file capacity is 10 MB). After it is successful received you will receive a receipt confirmation from us. Please ensure that your application is complete. Alongside your cover letter, resume and contact details, the following documents should also be included:


  • Diploma (e.g. Bachelor/diploma certificate with results transcript or training certificate)
  • Internship and employer references
  • Proof of completed further education


Do you have any questions regarding our vacancies or your application? Don't hesitate to write or call us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the online vacancies up to date?
Yes! To ensure they are always relevant, we update our online vacancies on a regular basis. As soon as a position is filled, the advert is immediately removed from our website.  

I'm interested in several offers. Can I apply for more than one?

Yes, of course! But it's important to limit the number of applications and not to spread your desired remit too wide. Show that you have clearly decided on the position(s) as the requirements correspond to your profile. Random, unfocused applications do not make a good impression. Please only apply for an apprenticeship position once. If necessary, you can suggest an alternative request within your application 

How does the selection process look?
Once your application has been successfully received by us, you will immediately receive a confirmation. After precisely checking your documents, we will give you feedback on the current status as quickly as possible. As soon as we are sure that your profile fits us and the position applied for, we will be happy to get to know you in person at an interview. After this you will soon be notified as to whether we are going to continue writing our success story together and would like to invite you to a second interview. If this is the case, we will discuss technical questions and further information in greater detail. If you convince us here, too, then you will receive an offer of contract, that will hopefully exceed your expectations just as you have ours.

What will my induction involve?
Alongside a tour around the Ulm site, your personal induction plan comprises an induction spanning several days. Here you will find out all about the departments and interfaces relevant to your field of work. The induction includes an intensive introduction to your core tasks. After around six months you will have a feedback discussion with your supervisor and an HR representative, in which we will discuss your experiences so far and any suggestions resulting therefrom.

What happens to my details?
In the event of a rejection, your details will be deleted after 12 months for data protection reasons. If we are to welcome you as a new colleague, your personal details will be added to our HR management system.