LIQUI MOLY means less worries and saves time and money!

We switched to using LIQUI MOLY gear oil in our GT3 Cup racecars full sequential gearboxes. We can now go two full seasons before rebuilding the gearboxes. When we do open up the gearboxes, the bearings look brand new with no signs of burnt marks or scorching. The gears are also in perfect condition with no signs of wear or chipping on the teeth. These are all problem issues on these cars. The competition has to rebuild their gearboxes every season if not more. This is one last thing we have to worry about or spend time or money on.

George Bourque

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Product name:Fully Synthetic Gear Oil (GL5) SAE 75W-90
Article number:LM2048


Model:GT3 Cup

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Name:George Bourque
Company:Bestline Auto Tech
Title:Technical Engineer
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