LIQUI MOLY makes specific oils for Asian vehicles like mine.

I had heard so many good things about LIQUI MOLY products over the years that I thought it was time to check out the products for use in my shop. I don’t recommend products to my customers unless I thoroughly test them in my own vehicles. I first added LIQUI MOLY oil to my daily driver and immediately noticed a difference. My next test was in my Datsun 240Z race car. LIQUI MOLY makes a specific 5W-20 oil for Asian vehicles like mine. My race car ran smoother right from the start. Engine temperatures went down and gas mileage was much better. I then began using LIQUI MOLY products on my customers vehicles with the same success. Needless to say, they are my oil of choice for all vehicles.

Ruben Corona

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Product name:Special Tec AA
Article number:LM2259



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