This is a miracle in a can

I have been using LIQUI MOLY oils and additives for quite some time now with amazing success. I recently had a customer bring in his VW Golf into the shop. The car had 40,000 kilometers on it (25,000 miles) and the engine was smoking and running very poorly. The customer informed me that he had never changed the oil. He also mentioned that he had taken the vehicle to the dealer and they wanted to replace the engine for $10,000. The customer could not afford this and was ready to sell the car.

I did a diagnostic on the car and determined that the engine was full of sludge. I truly believed I could fix this with LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line Engine Flush. I added some to the engine and let it do it’s magic. I pulled the oil pan and saw large globs of liquefied sludge dripping from the oil passages, and knew I was on the right track. I repeated the procedure with new LIQUI MOLY oil and Engine Flush five more times. When completed the engine was spotless and had no sludge deposits.

The car is back on the road, running great and the owner intends on keeping it and changing the oil regularly. Thank you for this miracle in a can!

Sunil Sharma

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Product name:Pro-Line Engine Flush
Article number:LM2037 (US) / LM7712 (CAN)



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