Chemistry from Germany for muscle cars

LIQUI MOLY works together with Prefix Corporation

Steven Miller Racing

September 2018 – The German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY and racing engine manufacturer and tuning specialist Prefix Corporation have agreed to a technical partnership. "With it we can show that our products not only deliver top performance in import vehicles from Europe, but also in racing and American muscle cars," says Sebastian Zelger, responsible for US business at LIQUI MOLY.

The cooperation with the engine and performance division of Prefix also means that LIQUI MOLY can test its lubricants, greases and additives under extreme conditions. The contact was made via Stevens-Miller Racing. The racing team uses LIQUI MOLY and has had very good experiences with it in Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros and Dodge Challengers which all have Prefix engines..

"Someone who buys an engine from us expects uncompromising peak performance," says Jhan Dolphin, director of sales and marketing at Prefix Corporation. "Therefore every individual component must be able to generate peak performance. And this is definitely the case with the products by LIQUI MOLY."

In the USA, LIQUI MOLY's main business is the European vehicles segment. "But cars by domestic brands can also benefit from the performance of our oils and additives," says Sebastian Zelger. "We are able to prove this at a very high level with Prefix."


About Prefix Corporation

Michigan-based Prefix Corporation is a recognized leader in the creation of prototype designs, mock-ups, and full scale concept vehicles for the automotive and aviation industries.  In 2019, the company will celebrate 40 years in business.  With over 250 employees and four impressive mid-west facilities, Prefix offers an extremely wide range of capabilities, providing clients with a one-stop-shop of services.  The Performance division of Prefix offers Dyno services, engine development, engine testing, as well as building Chevy, Dodge and Ford race engines.

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