LIQUI MOLY now also available at Cycle Gear

Oils and additives specially for motorbikes

October 2018 – The motorbike products of the German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY are now available in the Cycle Gear webshop. "Anyone who wants uncompromising made in Germany quality can now get it more easily," says Sebastian Zelger, who is responsible for the USA business at LIQUI MOLY.

"The cooperation with Cycle Gear is an important step for us in the improvement of our distribution," says Sebastian Zelger. LIQUI MOLY not only offers motor oils and additives, but also gearbox and fork oils, brake fluids and service products such as chain spray - a complete chemistry range, specially developed for motorbikes. In total, there are more than three dozen products for each area of use: For everyday use as well as for the race track or off-road.

An important pillar for LIQUI MOLY is the automotive aftermarket. But the motorbike product line is growing rapidly. "Here we are able to demonstrate our more than 60 years experience with combustion engines," says Sebastian Zelger. That's why we don't just have one or two motor oils, but 18. "And our additives are useful chemical tools that should be in every toolbox," says Sebastian Zelger.

The paths of Cycle Gear and LIQUI MOLY have crossed in the past at MotoAmerica. Both companies are sponsors of the racing series.

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