LIQUI MOLY Online Training Sessions

By the time you read this, we will have conducted more than 600 online training sessions reaching more than 2,000 technicians, shops, and distributors. In two months.

We are proud of our go to market model that includes our amazing team of 30 Regional Managers throughout the United States and Canada. You probably know your own Regional Manager; they spend their non-pandemic days visiting your shops and introducing the latest product evolutions, sharing product mix best practices and supporting business growth and success. But as the shelter-in-place directives spread from state to state and then throughout the countries, even as shops remained essential businesses, we wanted to do our part to support the efforts to flatten the curve.

During this pandemic, we have shifted most of our Regional Managers’ activities to focus on online, remote, virtual engagement with our many shops and partners. One of the most popular functions in that role immediately became our online training /academy sessions held through Zoom. A reluctant effect of the shelter-in-place guidelines is that many shops have been seeing much less traffic than usual. While certainly not ideal, this has given many technicians and shop owners and managers more flexibility to address that constant need of continued education.

Feedback has been as we had hoped, especially regarding how well the online education fits into the work schedule. “The presentation was very informative,” an attendee from an Atlanta-based shop said, “I appreciated how [my LIQUI MOLY regional manager] took the time to answer my questions during the presentation. The length was fine; it did not take too long so I was able to get right back to work.”

An attendee from a Southern California shop said, “These LIQUI MOLY training sessions are great. I’m already offering new services to our customers!”

From a participant from a shop in Tennessee: “What a great idea to have this training during this time!  Great job, guys!”

If you want to see your quote here—as in, you might not have been one of the 600-plus sessions so far, the process is simple. Reach out to your Regional Manager and you will all find a time that works best for you. He’ll send you the link to join the Zoom session and at the meeting time, click on it, and you’ll be ready to go from the comfort of your own wherever! 

We empathize with so many shops struggling with the lighter traffic; our sales have certainly mirrored this short-term decline. If there is a good news light at the end of this coronavirus tunnel it is that the decrease in clients is not a reflection on your competency or your competitors and just as so many have stayed away, so many will need your services as states move through the reopening phases. With our online trainings and academy sessions, shops are now finding ways with LIQUI MOLY to reach and serve their customers beyond the traditional services. They are also positioning themselves to be even more effective and profitable when the customers return to their shops.