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Motorbike Oil Cabinet by LIQUI MOLY

April 2018 – Those who deal with lots of different lubricants know the problem: Opened oil cans and canisters are scattered throughout the entire garage. LIQUI MOLY is now introducing a solution to the market that ensures order and cleanliness: the Motorbike Oil Cabinet.

This is a metal cabinet, which can be hung on the wall. Three 20 liter canisters as well as 18 one liter containers fit inside it. The large canisters are laid down in the cabinet so that the oil can be comfortably taken via the tap and the canisters do not have to be moved. Should some happen to drip it will land in the pull-out oil drip pan.

"With the motor oil cabinet many different oils can be safely and cleanly stored," says Sebastian Zelger, Director LIQUI MOLY USA. "It is suitable both for motor and gearbox oils."

The German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY is one of the few providers that have a complete range of chemical products exclusively for motorbikes. Alongside motor oils and additives, this also includes fork and shock absorber oils, as well as cleaners and care products.

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