Supporting Our Healthcare Professionals

LIQUI MOLY GmbH has donated three million euro in product in numerous different countries for healthcare professionals

Three million euro in product. LIQUI MOLY GmbH has donated three million euro in product in numerous different countries for healthcare professionals. In the United States and Canada, we have partnered with more than 20 shops to bring free oil changes and more to their regional healthcare professionals.

“We are pleased to make a difference where and how we can,” explained LIQUI MOLY USA/Canada CEO, Sebastian Zelger. “These healthcare professionals are making significant sacrifices and commitments devoting countless hours and days to saving so many people’s lives. At the very least, hopefully this will relieve them of one stress that might encroach in their busy lives. The last thing we’d want is a devoted healthcare professional not able to make it to his or her responsibilities because of car trouble. An oil change—something statistically many will need during this crisis—can help avoid that.”

This program not only rewards these hard-working healthcare professionals, but it also supports many shops that might have been challenged with less traffic to their facilities. We remain committed to our partners and are pleased this program also contributes to so many shops while we collectively remove one possible stress off the shoulders of the healthcare professionals.

Shops in Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, California, Washington and throughout Canada have participated in this program with LIQUI MOLY, each thrilled to be able to provide for the healthcare professionals in their regions.

“We see how hard the healthcare workers are working and dealing with so much stress during this time,” explained Blake Walker, Owner of Central Automotive in Kent, WA. “We’ve grown over the years not just because of our automotive skills, but because of the relationships we’ve built with our customers and wonderful partners like LIQUI MOLY. Our customers are like family to us and if they need help, we’re here for them. This is the best way we could think to help them out right now.”

A healthcare worker who benefitted from this program in Canada added, “This took enormous stress off knowing it was going to be done right and allowed me to concentrate on everything going on at Red Deer Regional Hospital."

Removing the stress is important, but so is doing our part to enable these tireless workers to be able to get to work. They are working so many long shifts and literally saving lives on a daily basis. If a worker were to have car trouble because he or she had been too busy to get an oil change, lives could be lost. An average driver gets their oil changed twice per year. Unless these healthcare workers changed their oil the first two months of the year, as the pandemic continues, the majority of them will need it over these months of crisis.  LIQUI MOLY is pleased to be able to contribute to so many in this manner.