Two new Motorbike motor oils from LIQUI MOLY

Oil manufacturer extends its range of fully synthetic oils

February 2020 – LIQUI MOLY is broadening its range of motor oils for motorcycles and launching two new grades: Motorbike 5W-40 HC Street and Motorbike 10W-30 Street. “With these two fully synthetic oils, we are expanding our offering for motorcyclists,” says Sebastian Zelger, Director LIQUI MOLY USA.

Both oils meet the highest oil specification of API with SN plus and the highest oil specification of JASO with MA2. With the new 5W-40 HC Street, LIQUI MOLY has created an effective alternative to the Motorbike 5W-40 Street Race oil used by all teams in the intense Moto2 and Moto3 world championship series. While the 5W-40 Street Race oil remains a popular oil for riders in daily and high performance environments, 5W-40 HC Street will provide similar benefits in routine riding conditions.

The Motorbike 10W-30 Street follows the trend towards ever lower viscosity oils, which has been observed in the automotive sector for some time. “For motorcycles, 10W-30 is still an unusual viscosity with some early adopting Japanese manufacturers now using it,” says Sebastian Zelger. A thinner oil means that the engine needs less effort to pump the oil. The result is lower fuel consumption and thus lower emissions – and more power that the engine can deliver to the wheels.

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