When the gear shift gets stuck

The MoS2 Antifriction for Gears by LIQUI MOLY offers affordable redress

October 2018 – It occurs frequently, particularly in older cars:The gear shift gets stuck.The cause is mostly wear in the gearbox.A mechanical repair would really cost a lot.But there is another way:The German additive specialist LIQUI MOLY has an additive for the gearbox oil, the MoS2 Antifriction for Gears, that often resolves problems with manual gear shifting.

The MoS2 Antifriction for Gears simply has to be added to the gearbox oil. There it reduces wear and makes shifting easier. It includes the solid lubricant MoS2, which balances out unevenness of the metal surfaces and reduces wear. Furthermore, the thermal load in the gearbox is made smaller. It does not contain any corrosive chemical components, which could attack the sensitive non-ferrous metals in the gearbox. That's why it can still be used without any problems in classic cars and in new vehicles with synchronised gearboxes, too, with its outstanding wear protection properties.

MoS2 Antifriction for Gears is not a magic potion that can cause major mechanical defects to disappear. But, in many cases, it can solve the problem, reduce the symptoms, or greatly slow the advance of the defect. The great advantage lies in its simple and affordable use. This makes it possible to avoid a time-consuming and costly diagnosis and to use the additive without a great risk or even preventatively. Either the problem is solved and the matter closed. If the problem persists, almost nothing is lost as the need for time and costs was minimal. But the likelihood is great that you can save time and money on a diagnosis and mechanical repair.

It is not only the car owners that benefit from this. The garage that offers this service can also benefit. On the one hand, it can get sales from customers who would otherwise be put off by the high repair costs. And, on the other, the garage underlines its technical expertise by offering a low-cost alternative. This increases customer loyalty and improves the reputation of the garage.

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