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Yes, this has been tested by a field test with company cars. The oil additive minimizes friction by approx. 30%.

Yes, our additives are aligned to one another in their formula in such a way that they do not negatively influence themselves and the overall mixture. However, the dose specifications have to be observed, of course.

Yes, as Motor Oil Saver contains softeners and viscosity improvers. It regenerates elastomer seals and has a slightly viscosity increasing effect at high temperatures. This creates a more efficient lubrication in turbo charger bearings.

Product Name Item no.Dose
mtx Carburetor Cleaner 5100  300 ml for up to 70 l
Injection Cleaner 5110  300 ml for up to 70 l
Valve Clean 1014  150 ml for up to 75 l
Super Diesel Additiv 5120  250 ml for up to 75 l
Diesel Purge 5170  500 ml for up to 75 l
Diesel Smoke Stop 5180  150 ml for up to 50 l
Diesel Lubricity Additive 5122  150 ml for up to 80 l
Diesel Flow Fit  5130  150 ml for up to 75 l

No, with these fuels there is no improvement of the low temperature resistance.

When using conventional summer diesel fuels, which have a low temperature resistance of 0 °C, an improvement to -6 ° to -8 °C is achieved when meeting the dose of Diesel Flow Fit.

For clutches that run in oil baths, 20 ml of additive can be added per liter of motor oil. This ensures there is no clutch slippage. Using Motor Protect on clutches running in oil baths is generally not recommended.

The use of Motor Oil Saver in motors with clutches running in oil baths can lead to clutch slippage due to the additives contained therein. In this case, we do not recommend its use.

Generally, yes. However, LIQUI MOLY has a special motorbike program in which this formula is specially aligned to the lower tank volume of the motorbikes.